US Cartridge, 90mm HEAT, M348 (T108E40)




This cartridge is fired from 90mm gun cannons against armored targets.

The cartridge consists of a fin-stabilized steel projectile containing a high-explosive shaped charge and a brass cartridge case loosely filled with propellant. An inverted copper cone liner in the front of the projectile serves to shape the Composition B charge, and a streamlined windshield houses a piezoelectric element to initiate the point-initiating, base detonating fuze in the base. An obturator band encircles the projectile above the lip of the cartridge case. An igniter and fin assembly is threaded into the base of the projectile and extends the length of the cartridge case through the propelling charge. The igniter is a perforated shaft filled with 400 grains of black powder. The four fixed fins are attached to the base of the assembly, and the igniter tube is closed with a threaded retainer containing approximately 20 grains of black powder. The percussion primer is, in turn, threaded into the retainer, flush with the base of the cartridge case, and contains seven grains of black powder. The interior of the cartridge case is fitted with guided rails for the projectile fins. A filling plug is threaded into the base of the cartridge case for filling the case with the propelling charge after cartridge assembly.

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