US Cartridge, 90mm Practice, M371




This cartridge is used to train personnel armed with the 90mm recoilless rifles in handling and use of HEAT rounds.

The cartridge resembles 90mm HEAT round M371A1 and has similar ballistic characteristics, except that the high explosive filler is replaced with inert material of the same weight. A standoff spike with piezoelectric element in the nose cap is threaded to the nose of the projectile, and an adapter and fin are threaded to the base. The point initiating, base detonating fuze is housed in the adapter and a smoke pellet is installed immediately ahead of the fuze. A copper cone in the projectile shapes the inert filler to maintain a ballistic match with the service round. The bagged propellant in the cartridge case surrounds the fin. The base of the cartridge case holds a percussion primer and a rupture disk. The black powder ignition charge of the primer is contained within the fin.

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