US Cartridge, 90mm Practice, M58




This complete round was originally developed as the High Explosive Round M58. Due to the thin body walls, prematures resulted. As a result, the filler was washed out and a substitute filler of sand and a black powder spotting charge was substituted. The round, thus, has been designated a practice round.

The projectile is of steel construction. It is streamlined, with a boat-tail base. The fuze continues the exterior streamline of the projectile. The shell has a steel base plate welded to its base.

A complete round of M58 Practice Ammunition consists of the following: An M58 Projectile with 2.11 pounds of inert filler and 0.56 pound black powder spotting charge in pellet form; an M20 Booster and an M43A2 Fuze; and an M19 Cartridge Case with a propellent charge of NH smokeless powder.

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