US Cartridge, Ignition, M2, M2A1, and M2A2




These cartridges are components of all 4.2 inch mortar cartridges. Ignition Cartridge M2 is used with Propelling Charges M6 and M36. Ignition Cartridge M2A is used with Propelling Charge M36A1. Ignition Cartridge M2A2, which has greater resistance to moisture and longer shelf life than M2A1, is used with Propelling Charge M36A1 and M36A2. Illuminating Cartridge M335A2 uses M2A2 only.

These cartridges are similar in external appearance to a commercial 12 gauge shotgun cartridge. Each cartridge consists of an outer body tube of red cartridge paper construction, an inner body tube of green cartridge paper construction, a brass cap crimped over the front end, a brass head with a tin plate liner crimped over the rear end, and a percussion primer inserted into the head at the cartridge base. The cylindrical cavity in the body tube contains one of two different types of ignition charges, depending on the cartridge model, Three layers of hard-pressed paper wadding in the front end of the body tube act to seal and hold the ignition charge in position. A hard pressed convolute wound paper wad in the base of the body tube serves as a receptacle for the percussion primer and seals and holds the ignition charge in position.

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