US Chemical Spray Tank, M10 (E12)




The components of the M10 smoke tank were the container, an inlet assembly, and a discharge line. The empty tank weighed approximately 68 pounds. The container proper was 68 inches long and 14 inches wide; the assembled tank was 84 inches long, 20.5 inches high, and 14 inches wide. Equipment required to secure the tanks to the airplane consisted of the racks, hanger bolts, hoist supports, hoists controls, and all interconnecting mechanisms of a mechanical or electrical type installed between the racks and control switches. This equipment was supplied by the Air Force. It was designed for use from racks attached to the wings of an airplane.

The container was a streamlined, cylindrical tank with a gross capacity of 33 gallons and attached to the rack by means of two carrier lugs. Two hoisting lugs were provided, one on either side of the container. The tank was reinforced at each lug by a small steel plate welded inside the tank.

The air inlet assembly housed a detonator, which was used to break the closure plate. The closure plate was made of frangible glass or plastic 1.89 inches in diameter.

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