US Chemical Spray Tank, AN-M33A1, M33, M33A1, E16R1




This was a cylindrical tank with ogival ends, approximately 63.75 inches long and about 21.25 inches in diameter. It consisted of a container (70 gallon capacity of 16 gage copper bearing steel), discharge line assembly, and closure plate wired for electric control. It was adapted for use either from a bomb bay or from racks attached to the wings of a plane.

The M33A1 was identical to the M33 with the following exceptions: (1) two universal suspension bands were substituted for the standard 30-inch suspension bands (adjustments were made for either 30 inch or 14 inch suspension); (2) additional beads rolled in the tank body for use when bands were in the 14 inch suspension position; and (3) the tank was strengthened, by welding pads, to the inside of the tank at several points where sway braces bore on it when the 14 inch suspension was used.

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