US Cluster Adapter, E6R2



The cluster adapter has a thin steel body that is shaped like a bomb, except the nose is not rounded off to make a full hemisphere. A standard-type bomb fin is affixed to the rear of the adapter, and a fuze fits in the nose. Hoisting and suspension lugs are located at the top. Internally, the adapter is equipped with cluster bars for positioning of the bombs when loaded. An L-shaped angle bar runs the entire length of the adapter along the bottom cluster bar. Into the angle bar is fitted a light steel tube which encloses a length of primacord that extends from the nose fuze to the other end of the cluster adapter. When the cluster is filled, the bombs are packed nose-forward, 19 in the front half of the adapter and 19 in the after portion. The assembly is held together by nine nailless steel straps. The cluster adapter then becomes a 500- pound aimable cluster that will fit any 500 pound bomb station, and. when dropped from high altitudes, approximates the trajectory of a 100 pound demolition bomb.




AN-M69 (NP, IM) Incendiary


M74 (NP, PT1), E5 (IM), Incendiary


E5 (H) Chemical


AN-M69 (Practice) Incendiary


E5 (Simulated H) Chemical


M77 (HC) Chemical

If desired, the cluster adapter may be kept intact during the entire period of flight, bursting open on impact.

This adapter is being replaced by the Cluster Adapter M23.

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