US Cluster Adapter, M10A1



The cluster adapter is streamlined in shape, and, when filled, it becomes a 500 pound aimable cluster designed to be carried by any plane equipped to carry a 500 pound bomb. Clusters formed with this adapter are the AN-M14. which contains 104 Incendiary Bombs AN-M50TA2, four AN-M50XA3 Type A, and two AN-M50XA3 Type B; and the AN-M17A1, which contains 88 Incendiary Bombs AN-M50A2, 16 AN-M50XA3 Type A, and six AN- M50XA3 Type B.

The cluster adapter consists of a thin metal case with a channel bar extending through the center, and a standard tail fin fixed to the after end plate by means of a single heavy bolt. At the forward end, a rounded nose fairing is fastened to the forward end plate. From the fuze seat, a length of primacord extends through a thin metal tube to the after end of the adapter. The adapter is equipped with three suspension lugs, the center lug added for use in British planes. When the cluster adapter is loaded, the bombs are packed .around the channel bar and the assembly is held in place by nine metal straps.

The Cluster Adapter M10A1 is similar in appearance to the E6R2, but differs internally. The bombs in the M10A1 are  packed around a channel bar, while in the E6R2 the cluster bars surrounding the bombs hold them in place.

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