US Cluster Adapter, Mk 7 Mod 1




This cluster - 250 pound bomb size - uses the same pistol release device to open the cluster as used on the Mk 3; otherwise the mechanism is different. In this duster, there is not only the release of the steel bands holding the bombs together but a spring loaded force to push the bombs out of the cluster.

The frame has a front and a rear plate separated by the longitudinal members, the upper and lower rods. The lower rod is rigid, but the upper one is free to rotate. To this upper rod are fixed the band hooks. When the duster is assembled, the hooks are under torque from the tension of the band. However, the band hooks are held stationary by a king pin swung between two supports, which supports are placed between the upper and the lower rods.

The arming vanes of the nose fuzes in the fragmentation bombs are kept from turning by safety arms attached to the front plate.

The cluster is suspended by the suspension plates in the middle part of the cluster.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

OP 1664, Volume 2 - US Explosive Ordnance (1947)