US Cluster Adapter, T2




The Cluster Adapter T2 is described as a 100-pound adapter and is designed to be suspended in bomb racks which receive 100 pound demolition bombs. It resembles the M1 Adapter Cluster used for fragmentation bombs.

This adapter is composed of two thin steel end plates attached at right angles to two steel rods. The end plates are approximately 9 inches in diameter resembling a rounded shield or fat letter “U” closed at the top. One of the rods is 7/16 inch in diameter and is solid (separator), while the other is hollow with a 3/4 inch outside diameter (barrel). The hollow rod, open at one end, is attached to the top centers of the end plates; the solid rod is attached to the bottom. A series of four small transverse holes in the hollow rod are at equal distances between the ends. At about one third the distance from each end is welded a steel suspension lug.

Long wires pass through the four series of holes in the hollow rod or barrel. These encircle a total of 34 bombs separated into two equal lots, and each bomb is positioned so that its safety pin or plunger is imprisoned against the adjacent bomb. A cluster adapter metal support plate of three angled sides, each side of which is the equivalent width of one of the hexagonal sides of the bomb nose and tail, is on each side of the cluster in such manner, that the adapter plate grips the sides of three bombs. There are four such plates for a full adapter load each plate being notched at its top and bottom. The wire through the barrel passes through the notches of the cluster plates and the ends are twisted together under the solid rod, thus insuring two fast, compact, and immobile clusters of 17 bombs each within the adapter.

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