British Cluster Projectile, 500 lb, No. 7 Mk 1




This cluster consists of eight fagots of seven 8-lb. F. bombs each. The fagots are retained by top and bottom beams, front and rear end plates, side fairings, and four tensioning straps. The tensioning straps are held by lateral pegs on the release rod, which is located in the top beam. The release rod is connected to a lever and piston mechanism, the cylinder of which also serves as the adapter for the barometric fuze and is located on the rear end plate. Before the fuze is fitted, the adapter is closed by the inverted cup portion of the safety device for the release mechanism.

To convert the cluster into an aimable cluster, a blunt nose fairing and drum-type tail are fitted to the front and rear end plates, respectively. A special streamlined nose fairing is provided for use when the cluster is to be stowed externally on the plane.

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OP 1665, British Explosive Ordnance (1946)