US Cluster, 100 lb Frag, M28, M28A1, M28A2




The 100 pound frag bomb cluster M28A2 consists of 24 four pound frag bombs M83 assembled in a cluster adapter M15A2. The M15A2, an aimable type adapter, is bomb like in appearance and has a standard fin. It holds the frag bombs in eight banks of three each. Loading and dispersal of bombs is accomplished through a hinged lid on the adapter which is held in place by a nose-locking cup. A spoiler ring is held in place against the nose of the adapter by the nose fuze, and a drag plate is secured to the fin assembly. Two suspension lugs, spaced 14 inches apart, protrude through slots in the lid section. If single hook suspension is desired, the two lugs are removed from the case and a single lug is attached by four screws to the upper surface of the adapter at the center of gravity.

The frag bomb clusters in the M28 series are similar to each other in appearance, differing only in their adapters. Cluster M28 uses cluster adapter M15; cluster M28A1 uses cluster adapter M15A2 (which contains a new case-locking bushing in addition to the spoiler ring and drag plate).

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