US Cluster, 1000 lb Chemical, M34 (E101R3), M34A1 (E101R5)




Gas bomb cluster M34A1 consists of cluster adapter M29 filled with 76 nonpersistent gas bombs M125A1 and fitted with four cluster ejection cartridges, two fuzes, and an arming wire. The cluster is approximately 68 1/2 inches long, 19 1/8 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 1,130 pounds.

Nonpersistent gas bombs M125A1 are loaded into cluster adapter M29 in four bundles of 19 bombs each. The bombs are arranged in the bundles in such a way that the arming bar on each bomb is depressed by an adjacent bomb.

Four cluster ejection cartridges M3 are installed in the cartridge containers in the cluster adapter.

Two mechanical time tail bomb fuzes M152A1 or M908 are installed in the fuze adapters in the tail fin.

Gas bomb cluster M34 is identical with the M34A1 except that the M34 uses M125 bombs.

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