US Cluster, 175 lb Chemical, M44 (E154)




The 175 pound incapacitating BZ generator cluster M44 consists of three 50 pound incapacitating generators M16 clustered in generator cluster adapter M39.

Generator M16 consists of 42 incapacitating BZ canisters M6 packaged in a pail and fuzed with fuze M220. Parachute and container assembly M9 is affixed to the top of the generator.

Canister M6 is a cylindrical sheet metal container approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter and 4 1/2 inches high. The canister is filled with a solid mixture of incapacitating BZ. A central cylindrical hole in the mixture is coated with a starter mixture.

Generator fuze M220 is an ignition type fuze with a delay housing extending from the primer to the ignition pad on the alignment plate between the top and middle tiers of canisters. The delay housing contains a first-fire mixture, a delay element and an ignition mixture.

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