US Container, Bomb, Mk 3, Mk 3 Mod 1




The containers are designed to carry 20 AA Bombs Mk 34, ten in the front compartment and ten in the rear.

Each housing assembly contains three bomb bays running lengthwise, the outside holding three bombs in each, and the center holding four bombs; a total of ten for each assembly. The bombs are loaded onto three ejector springs that run crosswise of the housing and arc anchored on the flange on each side of the housing. These springs eject the bombs after the door opening mechanism unlatches the doors. After the last bomb has left each compartment, the door closing mechanism shuts and holds the doors closed under spring tension until the container is reloaded. The skin of the container is of sheet aluminum.

The Bomb Containers Mk 3 and Mk 3 Mod 1 are identical, with exception of the suspension band, fork rests, and outside skin.

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