US Dispenser, M131 MOPMS




This is a four-man portable, controlled, antipersonnel/antitank (APERS/AT) mine dispensing system capable of rapidly creating a small minefield. The dispenser can deploy 21 mines, (17 A/T and 4 APERS) on command by using a blasting machine or by using the remote control unit (RCU). MOPMS can be deployed singularly or in multiples to provide the desired minefield size and/or density of mines.

Dispenser. The dispenser contains the battery-powered control unit and seven tubes; each tube housing three mines for a total of 21 mines per dispenser (17 AT and 4 APERS mines). The APERS mines are located between the AT mines in tubes 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Module control unit (MCU). This unit contains the control indicator (CI) which is a battery-powered device that contains the electronics package for receiving, interpreting, and acting on the signals received. It has a built-in self-test capability. Two terminals for hard-wire connection of the dispenser to a blasting machine are located on the face of the indicator. Battery cover, indicator lights, and an arm/safe switch are located on the control unit face. The battery is not in place during shipping or storage.

Remote control unit (RCU). This is a hand-held, portable battery-powered RF transmitter. It stores the command control data and transfers the data to the dispenser. It transmits the signal to recycle the self-destruct command and the signal for the self-destruct command to the deployed mines. The command control data (CCD) feature of the RCU provides the capability of controlling not only one dispenser and its mines, but also an unspecified number or multiple groups of dispensers and mines.

The dispenser is designed as a self-contained shipping, storage, and deployment unit and is not reusable or reloadable after mine deployment. The dispenser contains four handling straps (two at each end), and four transport handles that aid in handling and transportation. The four transport handles fold against the side of the case when not in use; they are held in the stowed position by a lockpin assembly. The module control unit (MCU) face is visible on the front side of the dispenser. The top of the dispenser provides an array of tube and mine location within the dispenser and a location for positioning the RCU when preprogramming deployment information into the control indicator.

The dispenser is olive drab with stock number, nomenclature, lot number, and weight stenciled in white.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 43-0001-36, Land Mines (chg 3, 2000)