US Dispenser, Mk 4 Mod 0 Gladeye




The Gladeye was a free-fall-general purpose dispenser designed for delivery of small, tactical devices; to include a toxic chemical and biological offensive capability.

Gladeye was a modular dispenser (Bomb Dispenser Mk 4 Mod 0) that consisted of a special rack or hardback fitted with seven jettisonable containers called canisters (Canisters Mk 2 Mod 0) plus an aerodynamic nose and tail fairing, and the dispenser assembly (Bomb Dispenser Mk 4 Mod 0) to which the canisters are attached and which incorporates the rack adapter. The canisters were designed to disperse a variety of munitions safely from subsonic and supersonic aircraft. Each canister was ejected separately either at pilot option or at any of three preselected intervals. These intervals were obtained using an intervalometer within the strongback.

Each canister acted as a self-contained shipping container for the munitions. The system was mounted on any Aero 7A or Aero 20A rack, and connected electrically to the rocket firing circuit of the aircraft. If it became necessary to jettison the loaded Gladeye weapon over friendly territory, the entire assembly including the strongback could be dropped. The canisters would not open and the munitions load would not arm. The Bomb Dispenser Canister loaded gross weight varied from 32 to 195 pounds total weight depending on the payload used.

The Gladeye was used with:

 M15 grenade (WP) (44-58 each, 1.94 pounds/grenade),

 • E61R4 bomblet (biological) (64-81 each, 1.4 pounds/bomblet),

 • E134 bomblet (biological) (26-32 each, 1.0 pound/bomblet),

 • E130R2 bomblet (GB) (14-16 each, 2.4 pounds/bomblet),

 • M134 bomblet (GB) (12-16 each, 3.4 pounds/bomblet),

 • M74A1 bomblet (PT1) (12 each, 8.5 pounds/bomblet) (requires a double length canister), and

 • M125A1 bomblet (GB) (27 each, 11.0 pounds/bomblet) (requires a double length canister)

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Old Chemical Weapons and Related Materiel Reference Guide (2018)