US Dispenser, SUU-13/A, SUU-13B/A, SUU-13C/A,  SUU-13D/A




These dispensers are carried externally on aircraft, and eject antipersonnel, antivehicle, antitank, or riot-control munitions downward through 40 ejection tube assemblies. The dispensers weigh 83.9 kilograms (185.0 pounds) empty, and 388 kilograms (856 pounds) loaded, except the SUU-13C/A which weighs 116 kilograms (255 pounds) empty and 379 kilograms (836 pounds) loaded and the SUU-13D/A which weighs 53.1 kilograms (117 pounds) empty and 290 kilograms (640 pounds) loaded.

In addition to the payload, each ejection tube assembly contains a firing cartridge with a primer charge of less than 1 gram and a propellant charge of approximately 2 grams of double-base propellant, except in the SUU-13D/A. The SUU-13D/A contains a mine ejection charge of 32 grams (1.1 ounces) of M5 propellant in each ejection tube assembly.

The dispensers are painted olive drab, with nomenclature and other information stenciled in black or yellow on the side. Color band(s), 38 and 25 millimeters (1.50 inch and 1.00 inch) wide, signifying the type of payload are just behind the forward fairing. The safety pallet is painted red with the words REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT stenciled in black along the edges.

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