US Dispenser, SUU-65/B




This is an air-launched, free-fall dispenser which employs an integral ground selectable mechanical time fuze with an electronic switching logic and an optional proximity sensor. The dispenser also employs a selectable canted fin spin tail assembly to provide dispenser spin during opening for payload dispersion.

The dispenser consists of three sections, the nose, body, and tail.

Nose, This section, divided into three equal components, contains the fuze, two fairings and either a dummy sensor or the FZU-39/B proximity sensor. The fuze is integral and is a mechanical time fuze with an electronic logic. It conforms to the nose section configuration and is environmentally sealed. The pitot tube probe provides a safe/arm indicator. In the retracted (flush) position the fuze arming components are blocked by the probe; in the extended position (probe is painted red), releases on the barriers are removed permitting the fuze to arm. The fuze can be interfaced with an FZU-39/B proximity sensor (attached to the nose with three bolts), to provide the capability for a proximity airburst. This selection is made with the height of function (HOF) selector in settings ranging from 300 to 3,000 feet above ground level (AGL). The electronic countermeasures (ECM) switch, located on the sensor, governs the reaction of the sensor to jamming.

Body, This section consists of a cylinder with a forward and aft bulkhead. The two piece aft bulkhead has provisions for tail section attachment. The strongback consists of a one-piece aluminum extrusion with two steel inserts for the installation of suspension lugs. The strongback is attached to the inside of the body with screws and is large enough to provide rigidity for sway-bracing. Three sheath lanyards, contained in two aluminum conduits, are mounted on top of the body. The forward conduit houses the fuze arming lanyard and option lanyard while the single aft conduit houses the fin release lanyard. The fin release lanyard is hardwired to a bomb rack when the dispenser is loaded on an aircraft. The lanyards all contain D-rings attached to lanyard extractors through break links. Tie blocks, attached to the dispenser, retain one end of each lanyard.

Tail, The tail section consists of a cast aluminum body and four fins. The fins are held in the folded position by a fin release band and deploy four spring-loaded fin blades at lanyard extraction. Fin cant is achieved by functioning the explosive bolt and releasing the spring loaded cant mechanism.

The dispenser is painted olive drab with a 3.00-inch (76mm) yellow band painted around the circumference on the forward end of the dispenser. Identifying nomenclature, warnings, serial number, manufacturer, lot number, and contents are stenciled at specific locations in yellow. Lanyard hookup instructions are stenciled in black.

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