US Flash Reducer, M2 (T2)




Flash Reducer M2 (T2) is used with White Bag Propelling Charges M4 and M4A1 in 155mm howitzer cannons, ordinarily on all optional basis. However, TB 9-1300-385 requires use of this flash reducer with certain specific lots of Propelling Charge M4, The primary purpose is the reduction of muzzle flash to make accurate weapon location more difficult for the enemy. A secondary effect is reduction of blast pressure at the muzzle, When used, one flash reducer is inserted at the forward end of each increment used, including the base charge, Even though Propelling Charge M4A2 has an integral flash reducer assembled at increment No. 3, the M2 (T2) maybe used as a supplement with that charge also, if additional flash reduction is desired. No flash reducers are required when using Green Bag Propelling Charge M3.

Flash Reducer M2 (T2) consists of 1-1/2 ounces of black powder and potassium sulphate or potassium nitrate mixture in a 4-inch square bag of red cotton cloth. The edges are sewn together to prevent leakage of the chemical mixture.

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