US Flash Reducer, M3 (T3)




Flash Reducer M3 is used when firing 8 inch White Bag Propelling Charge M2 (all zones), It is not used with Green Bag Propelling Charges M1

which are flashless. The primary purpose is the reduction in muzzle flash to make accurate weapon location more difficult for the enemy. It is used in both night and daylight firings. A secondary effect is reduction of blast pressure at the muzzle.

The flash reducer is a square red cloth pad containing a one-pound mixture of black powder and potassium sulphate or potassium nitrate. The assembly is sewn around each edge to prevent leakage of the contents, and through the center to increase tear resistance. Thus, the appearance is of two equal increments. The flash reducer is inserted under the tie straps at the forward end of the propelling charge at time of firing.

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