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The GBU-11/B is a KMU-370B/B guidance kit, which consists of an MAU-157/B computer control group and an MXU-601/B guided bomb airfoil group, attached to a 3,000 pound M118 general purpose bomb.

The GBU-11A/B differs from the GBU-11/B as follows, centering springs for the control fins have been installed in the control section; a new improved thermal battery has been installed in the control section; and a new arming cable and a reconfigured arming wire guide have been incorporated.

Guidance kits, The computer control group, mounted on the forward end of the weapon, contains the detector, computer, and control section. The airfoil group consists of the wing assembly, forward fairing and adapter, and control fins. Wing extenders are available for the wing for low-speed release and are attached with machine bolts and self-locking nuts. One of the access door covers on the wing assembly is equipped with a removable plate for installation of an ATU-35 series arming mechanism. The forward fairing and adapter provide the mechanical interface between the computer control group and the nose of the bomb.

Fuzing, If two fuze lanyards are attached to the lanyard lock or lanyard adjusters, two FMU-26 series fuzes (nose and tail) or an FMU-26 series fuze (nose) and an FMU-81/B fuze (tail) are installed. If only one fuze lanyard is attached to the lanyard lock or lanyard adjuster, and an ATU-35 series fuze drive assembly is present, the nose fuze cavity contains an FMU-26 series fuze, and the tail fuze cavity contains an M905 fuze.

The guidance kit is painted olive drab.

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