Mustard, Nitrogen

Other Names

HN1, HN3, Ethyl-S, TL329, TL1149, Stickstofflost


HN1 is an oily, colorless to pale yellow liquid with a fishy or musty odor. HN3 is any oily liquid with no odor. Many German munitions were filled with this agent during WWII.

HN1/HN3 irritate the eyes in dosages which do not significantly damage the skin or respiratory tract, insofar as single exposures are concerned. Eye irritation appears in a shorter time than that form HD. Mild vapor exposure may not result in skin lesions. After severe vapor or liquid exposure irritation, itching and reddening of the skin may occur. Blisters may form later on the affected areas. Effects on the respiratory tract include irritation of the nose and throat, hoarseness progressing to loss of voice, and persistent cough. Fever, labored respiration, and moist rails (abnormal sounds) may develop. Bronchopneumonia may appear after the first 24 hours. Following ingestion or systemic absorption, the agent causes inhibition of cell division, resulting in depression of the blood forming mechanism and injury to other tissues. Severe diarrhea, which may be accompanied by bleeding, occurs.


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