Igniter, AN-M23, M23




Igniter M23 is used with fire bomb M116A1 and M116A2. It is cylindrical in shape, rounded at one end and externally threaded at the other. A fuze well is located in the rounded end of the igniter. A fuze adapter, threaded internally to receive bomb fuze igniter M173, is threaded externally for attachment to the igniter. The igniter body is filled with white phosphorus (WP) and a filler plug is inserted in the filler hole when the igniter is loaded.

Igniter AN-M23A1 is identical to igniter M23 except that the M23 has a fuse adapter. The fuze well of igniter AN-M23A1 is threaded to receive bomb fuze AN-M173A1. The well of igniter M23 is threaded to receive bomb fuze M173.

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