Igniter, M14




The igniters of the M13 and M14 type use the Fuze M154, a modification of the Nose Fuze M142, the greatest emphasis being placed on the M13 and M14, which will eventually supplant all other igniters using the Fuze M154.

The Igniters M13 and M14 differ in that the M13 is designed to be attached to the outside of the bomb by means of a clamp, while the M14 has an adapter which allows the igniter to be installed in the filler-cap opening in the tank. Because of this difference, the M13 is known as an external igniter, while the M14 is called an internal igniter. The Igniters M13 and M14 consist of either a sodium (Na) or a white phosphorus (WP) Hand Grenade M15 and a Burster C8R1 (DuPont C56 blasting cap and 2.5 grams of tetryl) fitted to an All-Ways Action Fuze M154.

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