US Projectile, 75mm Shrapnel, Mk 1




This projectile consists of a steel case, near the base of which a shoulder is formed on the interior surface. A base charge of 3 ounces of black powder is packed in the base of the projectile beneath a diaphragm of steel which rests on the shoulder. This diaphragm also supports a flash tube, the upper end of which is flared out into a smaller thin diaphragm. Between the two diaphragms is held a charge of melted resin which holds 270 lead balls suspended within it. These balls average 42 to the pound, the 270 totaling 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Above the lower diaphragm, the interior of the shrapnel case is gradually enlarged in diameter so that it tapers outward from base to head. The top of the case is closed by a steel head which fastens to the case with a fine thread, and which is adapted to the fuze with a coarse thread. The shrapnel is issued fuzed with the 21-second Combination Fuze M1907M, which is set at safe, and covered with a metallic moisture- proof cap.

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TM 9-1904, Ammunition Inspection Guide (1944)