Other Names



A permissible coal mining explosive consisting of Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Perchlorate, TNT, and sodium chloride (salt).

Other compositions, by the same name, consist of

 a) Ammonium Nitrate, Trinitronaphthalene, Potassium Perchlorate, TNT and sodium chloride (salt). This explosive may be used with a sheath (110 gm) of sodium bicarbonate and cement, per 100 gm of Sabulite.

 b) Ammonium Nitrate, TNT, Potassium Perchlorate, Trinitronaphthalene, wood flour, and sodium chloride (salt), ("explosif SGP").

 c) Sabulite 003 - Ammonium Nitrate, TNT, wood flour and calcium silicide ("explosif brisant") .

These commercial mining explosives are manufactured by the SA La Sabulite Beige (Moustier-sur-Sambre).


FSTC 381-5042, Handbook of Foreign Explosives (1965)