US Signal, Practice Bomb, Mk 5 Mod 0




Practice bomb signal Mk 5 Mod 0 is approximately the size of a 10-gauge shotgun shell. A shoulder, which increases the diameter of one end, serves to locate the signal in the bomb. The signal consists of a plastic cylinder containing 10 grams of fluorescein dye, a highly-soluble salt, brick red in color, which turns bright green when dissolved in water.

The signal, for use in dive-bombing practice, can be used in any miniature practice bomb in which signal Mk 4 can be used. It is dropped only on water targets during daylight. When a wind is blowing, the smoke from the Mk 4 signal often blows away before the pilot can get into position to view the results of his attack. The slick from the Mk 5 signal can be seen from an altitude of 15,000 feet.

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